Our Funds

Manager Fund Name Ticker Investment Objective
Dynamic Wealth Group, LLC

Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund


The Fund seeks capital appreciation

Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.

Gold Bullion Strategy Fund


The Fund seeks returns that reflect the daily performance of the price of gold bullion.

Quantified Alternative Investment Fund


The Fund seeks high total return from alternative investment vehicles on an annual basis.

Quantified Common Ground Fund


The Fund invests primarily in common stocks and bonds of issuers that the Subadviser considers compliant with both ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and BRI (Biblically Responsible Investing) standards.

Quantified Evolution Plus Fund


The Fund seeks capital appreciation by allocating assets, without restriction, among a wide variety of asset classes.

Quantified Global Fund


The Fund seeks total return.

Quantified Government Income Tactical Fund


The Fund seeks aggressive growth using U.S. government bond vehicles for trading.

Quantified Managed Income Fund


The Fund seeks high total return from fixed income investments on an annual basis.

Quantified Market Leaders Fund


The Fund seeks high appreciation on an annual basis using an active allocation strategy.

Quantified Pattern Recognition Fund


The fund seeks capital appreciation by identifying daily patterns in stock indexes or sectors within stock market indexes.

Quantified Rising Dividend Tactical Fund


The Fund seeks total return consistent with a moderate tolerance for risk.

Quantified STF Fund


The Fund˚follows easily identifiable trends based on the price movement of the NASDAQ 100 Index.

Quantified Tactical Fixed Income Fund


The Fund seeks total return using an active allocation strategy within fixed income instruments.

Quantified Tactical Sectors Fund


The Fund seeks high appreciation on an annual basis consistent with a high tolerance for risk.

Hundredfold Advisors, LLC

Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund


The Fund is actively managed to anticipate and respond to trends in differing types of fixed income and equity securities.

Price Capital Management, Inc.

OnTrack Core Fund


The Fund seeks total return while keeping the Fund’s volatility and downside risk below that of major equity market indices.

Spectrum Financial, Inc.

Spectrum Low Volatility Fund


The Fund was created to act as a solution for fixed income exposure in all market environments.

Spectrum Active Advantage Fund


The Fund is designed provide lower volatility equity exposure while limiting potential losses.

Spectrum Unconstrained Fund


The Fund seeks total return.

Denis J. Rezendes, CFA
Partner, Portfolio Manager

Denis is a Portfolio Manager and a Partner of BCM. He joined BCM in 2015 as an analyst and has since become a portfolio manager with a focus on quantitative analysis. Denis contributes to the development and enhancement of our quantitative investment methodologies as well as the trading of BCM’s strategies. He is a graduate of Babson College with a B.S. in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Brendan D. Ryan, CFA®
Partner, Portfolio Manager

Brendan is a Portfolio Manager and a Partner of BCM. He joined BCM in 2012 as an analyst and has since become a portfolio manager with a focus on fundamental analysis. He also contributes to research and enhancements of our quantitative investment strategies as well as the trading of BCM’s strategies. He is a graduate of Boston College with a B.A. in Economics and holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Jerry C. Wagner, J.D.
Portfolio Manager

Jerry C. Wagner, J.D. is an innovator in applying technology and hedge fund investing techniques to individual investing and risk management. Jerry C. Wagner founded Flexible Plan Investments in 1981.

Mr. Wagner’s background includes pioneering new techniques in market analysis, designing quantitative methodologies and managing investment portfolios.

Jason Teed, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Jason Teed, CFA, Director of Research of the Subadviser, has served the Funds as a portfolio manager since March 2018. Mr. Teed has served as Director of Research since September 2017. From December 2012 to August 2017, he served as Assistant Manager of Research.

Mr. Teed is responsible for the daily calculation of mutual fund trades, optimization of trading system models, development and verification of new algorithmic trading methodologies (up to and through completion and actual trading), proprietary asset-allocation design and testing, walk-forward optimization design and utilization, and fiduciary communication with clients.

Mr. Teed holds an MBA in finance from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration, where he graduated magna cum laude. He holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Tim Hanna, CFA, CFIP
Portfolio Manager

Timothy Hanna is responsible for performing applied economic and quantitative research for Flexible Plan Investment’s strategies and mutual funds. He reviews new and existing strategies, ensuring that algorithms perform within expectations, providing modifications to achieve best execution and efficient implementation. Mr. Hanna has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Wayne State University and a master’s degree in finance from Walsh College. He holds the designations of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Fixed-Income Practitioner (CFIP).

Before joining Flexible Plan Investments, he was an institutional fixed-income manager at Multi-Bank Securities and previously a derivatives trader.

Michael Price
Portfolio Manager

Michael L. Price has served as President of the sub-adviser since he founded it in 1997. After graduating from Auburn University in 1971 with a degree in Applied Physics, he was commissioned an ensign and sent to flight training. After 32 years of service, including 23 years of commissioned services as a Navy pilot, he retired as a Captain (O-6).

In 1993, he formed Investors OnTrack, Inc., to provide training for high net worth individual investors and professional investors, with an emphasis on technical analysis. In 1997, he formed Price Capital Management to manage individual accounts using mutual funds. In 2000, he formed two hedge funds and began the transition to hedge fund management. Price Capital Management currently manages four hedge funds in addition to the OnTrack Core Fund using a similar investment strategy.

Lee Harris
Portfolio Manager

W. Lee Harris, Jr. has served as Chief Compliance Officer for Price Capital Management, Inc. since February 2012. Price Capital Management serves as sub-advisor to the OnTrack Core Fund, and Mr. Harris has served as co-portfolio manager to the Fund since its inception in January, 2013.

Mr. Harris founded and has served as President of Lee Harris Capital Management, Inc., since 2004. Mr. Harris served in the U.S. Navy from 1974-2004. He earned a Mathematics degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1974, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of North Florida in 1981.

Ralph Doudera
Portfolio Manager

Ralph Doudera is the CEO of Spectrum Financial, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm established in 1988. Over the past 25 years Spectrum’s investment and trading philosophy has strived to consistently provide above average investment returns while minimizing downside losses. He is also an investment strategist to Hundredfold Advisors, LLC managing the Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund. Mr. Doudera has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Management and Finance from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has also received a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from Regent University. His first book, Wealth Conundrum, is now in its third printing, and it addresses the puzzles of wealth from a Biblical perspective.

Investing in mutual funds involves risk, including loss of principal. For details regarding the risks specific to each of the Advisors Preferred Funds, please see the prospectus. There is no guarantee the funds will achieve their investment objectives. There is no guarantee any investment strategy will generate a profit or prevent a loss. You should consider the investment objectives, risks and charges, and expenses of the Funds carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information and may be obtained by calling (888) 572-8868 or by visiting www.advisorspreferred.com. Be sure to read the prospectus carefully before investing. Ceros Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC serves as distributor to the Advisors Preferred Funds. Advisors Preferred and Ceros are commonly held affiliates. The subadvisers to our funds are not affiliated with the fund adviser or distributor.

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